Welcome to my new blog featuring the always pithy and valuable opinions of yours truly, Matthias Lind. Many of these thoughts, ideas, comments, and worthless drabble flowing into your browser are things that have come to me whilst stackside* all over our beautiful nation (though many of my views do not depict the most visually pleasing scenery). More to come soon, and as always, I will do my best to not only entertain, but also excite, enthrall, and entice thought from my readers. Stay tuned!


*for those of you new to the Matthias Lind tale, my current job has me traveling the country testing emissions at industrial facilities (i.e. powerplants & steel mills) for an environmental engineering company. In the briefest of terms, we scurry up smokestacks to sample the emissions and test for for a whole menagerie of chemical concoctions. Thus, stackside.


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