gangnam style

the future is here, and it is dancey


Sometimes I just want to get all gangnam style. I think its safe to assume that you are one of the nearly 300 million people who have seen this video or one of its many remixes over the past month. So yeah, lets gangnam it up. I don’t know what that really means, and neither does google translate, which normally would lead me to believe it must then not exist, but lets just pretend it’s a real phrase for a second or two. I could harken back to the good old days when it was me and about 40 million of my closest friends who were the only viewers of that video (one week after launch mind you), but I wont, That would be too hipster of me, and I in no way support hipster-ish activities of any sort, except excessive coffee drinking, that’s cool with me. In any case, the only reason I am writing this is because I feel that 400 million people are not nearly enough to allow the horse-riding-pony-shuffle-dance move to gain enough traction to make it the flapper dance of our time. If the soulja boy can be done at prom, the gangnam style horse prance can without a doubt be done at the white house correspondents dinner. So if you haven’t seen it, enjoy it. If you have, enjoy it once again. If you have it memorized like me? Well close your eyes and dance the whole thing out like I do.




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